Friday, May 4, 2012

Fixed my internet problems

Thank you, Mich_Efro. Message boards are life savers.

I have yelled at plenty of Mediacom people over the phone and had countless tech guys here trying to fix my wireless internet, all for nothing as I am now finding out.

Apparently losing wireless connection on a Mac is a pretty normal thing.. Lots of people in these message boards are having the exact same problems I'm having. Isn't there some kind of freaking recall for this yet?
The top right corner of my screen will still show that I have full connection, yet nothing will actually connect, then when I go to try another network and go back to mine, it says "connection timeout" and "invalid password" over and over until I want to break my computer in half. I'm obviously putting in the correct password, it just wants to be a pain in the ass and not let me on.
So finally, I figured out that if there's obviously nothing wrong with my modem or the box outside, it must be my computer (which is still working perfectly other than this).

After researching from my computer when the internet was working and using my iphone when it wasn't, I came across quite a few methods that people have used to get their internet going again.
-Some go into System Preferences, then Network and delete airport on the left and recreate it and it works. This didn't work for me.
-I tried going into Macintosh HD, Library, Preferences, System Configuration and deleting all of it's contents. That worked a couple times when my internet was really slow, but didn't end up being very useful when my internet went completely out.
-Someone else said to move that System Configuration folder to the desktop, then restart your computer. That didn't work either...
-Some others in the board were also getting all technical with IP addresses and stuff....... yeah, I didn't even want to start with that!

Thank God I found that tiny little post from Mich_Efro (at the beginning of this post). He saved the day over here. I'll be trying that every time it goes out from now on. & if it one day decides to stop working for me, I guess I'm screwed since I tried pretty much everything else! :/

Also, I want to mention this before anyone else tries to make this mistake:
The System Configuration folder that you have to delete from 'Macintosh HD, Library, Preferences, System Configuration' IS NOT THE SAME AS 'Macintosh HD, System, Library, System Configuration'!!!
I went on a bit of a deleting spree when I was super annoyed and just wanted my internet to come back on, so I deleted ALL the contents of the second System Configuration mentioned. I was pretty terrified when I restarted my computer and it looked like it did I had first bought it! The dock on the bottom of the screen was totally reset, the background, everything.. I quickly realized that nothing had actually been deleted, but my computer thought it was the first time I was using everything, so that was find of annoying.

So, I'll be on the phone with these guys tomorrow, trying to find out some kind of permanent solution to my problem. I really don't want to have to deal with this forever! I'm really hoping there's some kind of recall I don't know about and they can just take my computer for a few days and voila! all fixed. :) Is that too unrealistic? Hope not..

Edit: I just got off the phone with Apple! The guy I talked to didn't sound too surprised that I was having this problem... must really be a normal thing over there. :/
Anyway after I gave him all the info, he just had me restart and do what they call a "Safe Boot" on my laptop. He told me this resets data.. It didn't reset anything that I can see but apparently anything that is running a little funky, it should fix it.

To do this I just turned off my computer and turned it back on. As soon as I let go of the power button I hit the left shift key and held it down until I saw a loading bar on the bottom of the screen. This lasted about 7 minutes on my computer. Once my computer was all loaded, I just restarted again and here I am! He said if this doesn't fix my problem, it would be best to take it to an apple store and have them run a diagnostic test. I'm hoping this fixed it though! :)

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