Wednesday, April 25, 2012

goings on..

There's a lot bouncing around in my mind lately.
My baby is almost 11 months old. That's kind of freaking me out! She stood on her own for probably 3 seconds today for the first time. It wasn't something I wanted to happen for another 6 months or so.. I do not want a walking baby yet! She was really excited about it though! She started clapping for herself when she fell back onto her butt, haha.
Jorge turned 30 two days ago, but I've been so broke lately I wasn't able to buy him anything for his birthday. :( I was going to get him a card, but I didn't make it to the store. He knows my money situation so I'm glad he understands, I still felt bad though. At least we were able to spend the day together!

I've also been reading more about simplifying and thinking heavily about having a garage sale. I'd like to get rid of half the crap in my garage. I made a list of some of the things I can already think of that I would get rid of, and I know there is way more down there. :) I'm pretty excited about it!
I'm also doing way better about not looking around for stuff we don't need when we're shopping. Jorge isn't very good at this yet, but my hope is that if he shops with me long enough, he will pick this up! :)

I did a fun little project the other day; I made some laundry detergent from a recipe I found online. I'm still not too sure how much I like it, as I've washed a load once already and found a couple stains still in the clothes that wouldn't have been there with my regular detergent. Maybe I'll use more next time.. The recipe only calls for a tablespoon anyway!

Oh, the Zote wasn't from the website. I found it at walmart before I found the Fels Naptha, and Jorge told me his mom uses it on their clothes so I should give it a try. I really like the way it smells, so I added some to the recipe! but less than 1/4 of the bar as it is very moist, unlike the fels naptha. I figured it could be like my fabric softener. :)


Okay, well it's 10 and i suppose I should find something to eat, clean my kitchen and go to sleep. Goodnight.

I forgot to mention I found a sweet deal on craigslist for two kid's car seats for $40! I'm so excited about it. typically I find one car seat for $60-$100, so this is an awesome deal. I called the guy right away and I'm going over tomorrow morning for both of them. I figure, they'll both be in them until they're about 4, and they're only going to be a year and a half apart so I'll definitely need two. So I might as well jump on the good price!

There they are! suh-weeeeet for $40 :)

Some recent pictures of my beautiful girl, plus one of me and my tummy :)

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