Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reformatting my Macbook..

So this morning I had my second appointment at the apple store. After I did the safe boot the other day, my computer ran just fine for about 24 hours, then decided to lose connection again and the exact same thing it had been doing. :/
So I finally made my appointment with the genius bar. I went in the next day and told the guy what was going on. His recommendation to me was to completely wipe out my computer and start fresh, like when I first bought it! He said it was more than likely a software problem (instead of a hardware problem) because it happens intermittently. His suggestion was that I take my computer back home that night, run time machine and back up everything onto my external hard drive so that when I go back the next morning we can easily put back the things I need.
Now I was a little nervous about this for a few reasons, but I also had some reasons to be excited about this change!

-this would more than likely fix my internet problem
-I have a 120gb hard drive on my computer that has 8gb left. I would get sooo much space back!
-just be able to start fresh, no more junk on here that I don't use and don't know how to delete.

-I could lose Microsoft office because I don't have the installation disc anymore. :(
-I learned that night that backing up my computer to my hard drive with time machine would have erased everything I had on it already (thousands of pictures/files) I would have to do it manually.

I decided I needed to do this even though I was worried about losing Microsoft Office, especially Word, so I started doing my research online about what people do when they lose their installation discs. After a few minutes, I found a number to call to get a replacement disc on their website! I called immediately and told the guy my problem. We went ahead and got everything all set before he told me that it was going to cost me $30! I was pretty upset about that.. I know this stuff is expensive, but I really can't afford that right now.. I asked if their was anything else I could do so I could keep my stuff without having to pay so much, and he put me on hold for a little while. When he came back he told me he was able to waive the fees for me! I was soooo happy! So now my only worry was time machine.

I did as much research as I could and no matter what, because I hadn't already programmed my hard drive to use time machine, it would need to erase everything. :( I was definitely upset when I realized there was no going around it. I saved all my pictures and music onto my hard drive manually, and everything else I could find. I was up until 1 am doing this stuff, then back up at 7 this morning so I could get ready for my appointment at the genius bar to tell them I didn't complete my homework as planned. (I ended up being late to my appointment too, and they rescheduled me for an hour and a half later! Lame. I totally could have slept in!)

So anyway, once I got there it was pretty simple! I had a new guy helping me this time, who was super relaxed and hippyish and couldn't stand the way I was speaking so fast to get him up to speed on everything that had happened the night before. I had also had a giiiant coffee just before I came. :) So basically he did everything he could to get my stuff done and get me out of there! He did however listen to my speed-talking and inform me that it would me wise for me to transfer everything I have onto another hard drive, format mine with time machine, then put my stuff back. Then I would be able to back my computer up with time machine and not have to worry about everything I did last night again. He was a very smart guy!! As soon as I left the store, I called my dad and asked if he had any hard drives with enough room for my stuff, and he just happened to have one! I went straight over there with my practically brand new computer and started moving folders from my drive to his. It took hours, and I did have to leave for work and come back and finish it, but I got time machine formatted on my drive and all my stuff put back on! Also, I have a beautifully clean computer with so much space I don't even know what to do with it all! I'm a happy camper tonight.

So pretty much all I want to do is go through the ridiculous amount of music I have on my drive and put select artists back on my computer. I don't even know who half of them are, but I like most of the music so it's hard to do.. it takes time! I have 44gb of music on my drive right now, so you can see how long this is going to take me.. I'll get to that another time! I'm just happy my internet is working right now :)

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