Thursday, May 17, 2012

perfect day at the beach

Jorge, Betsey & I went on a spur of the moment trip to Oceanside yesterday! It was sooo fun. We brought plenty of food, my iphone for pictures, the jogging stroller and we were set! We spent hours walking up and down the beach collecting shells and rocks, mostly shells.. We're going to try to make a shell windchime type thing. :)


I adore my family. I can't wait until #2 is here. I feel bad calling her #2, but we just can't agree on a name yet!! Jorge keeps calling her Sor Juana.... annoying haha.
While I'm thinking of names, these are some I have on my mind lately.. (no middle name ideas yet)
& of course Jorge doesn't approve of any.. but we'll see what happens!! :)

Also, the other day I had the best time creating my first Treasury List on Etsy. I am kind of using this as list of things I'll need for the new baby since I already have basically everything I will need and for the things I do need to get, I want to get mostly natural & organic products. Check out my treasury list and some of the awesome sellers!

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