Sunday, May 27, 2012

update on us :)

I've been writing a lot lately on what I've been reading and learning about & forgetting to update on my family! So here are some recent pictures of me & my babies. :)

1- I just realized I never put an announcement up when we found out it was a girl!! :O I'm already 17 weeks along, & we found out way early, at 13 weeks at my high risk OB. They were awesome, she was very positive about it being a girl. I was so excited! Jorge was upset for a few hours ha.. but oh well! We needed a girl, we can't afford to buy all new boy stuff right now. This was definitely a blessing :)
2- She made this absolutely HILARIOUS face a ton of times when her dad would feed her! I think it was because he was making a choo choo noise when he would put the spoon to her mouth then laugh everytime, so she would laugh.. I don't know, but it was soooo damn funny!!
3- Betsey's [adorable] evil face... she was ever so slowly inching her hand toward her bow to pull it out while watching me fake cry and smiling the whole time.... brat. Haha.
4- Finally sleeping at my friend's baby shower! She was sooo exhausted afte watching everyone and everything for the first couple hours but refused to miss a second. Finally I got her to sleep and thought I would get a break, but once I laid her down in her car seat I felt so empty without a baby in my arms, I had to go steal someone else's baby! It's so funny how much I've changed in the last few years..

1-Yvonne and Jorge on her 19th birthday. :) Yvonne is Jorge's only sister; Betsey's only aunt on that side of the family! They have a tradition of grabbing a ridiculous amount of cake as soon as they blow out the candles and smearing it all over the face of the birthday person! I think it's crazy, but they have fun! This time Jorge did it to Yvonne and she wasn't having it, she did it right back haha..
2- Jorge being silly! :)
3- This is pretty much our daily routine now when I try to put Betsey down for a nap if she's not already exhausted.... FUN. Mommy-jungle-gym.
4- God she's beautiful. <3 & those are still the only teeth she has ha.. She'll be one in exactly two weeks, but I'm not complaining. Not only do I love seeing her cute gummy smile, but I don't really want her biting my nipples!

1- Betsey being naughty. She likes to shovel all her food onto her lap now........ I go "noooooo" and she starts shaking her head and smiling really big like this. :/ Also, she hates peas. I tried to give them another try that night and she practically started gagging! So dramatic for a 11 month old.
2- The view from my mom's kitchen window of her new apartment......... & YES, that's the back of my car. Parked in MY spot. Of MY apartment. That I've lived in for like SIX months. UGH.
3- Finally started reading George Orwell's 1984. I've had it for a few years, I think I picked it up before I got on a plane but didn't end up reading it. Then I heard them talking about it on Natural News Radio the other day & I was like hey! I have that book! So while I was at work the other day I started reading it. Very interesting so far.....
4- Betsey being such a good big sister & looking through the baby name book. I think she wanted to help me pick out her little sister's name. ;)

1- This was taken a few days ago, but today I'm 17 weeks and 1 day pregnant!! It's going by soooo fast. I feel a little bad that I'm not paying so much attention to this pregnancy than I was when I was pregnant with Betsey, but I think I have an excuse-- I didn't have an almost one year old keeping me so busy back then! I am eating healthy and doing the best I can. :)
2- Betsey being a big freakin kid and standing all by herself!! She is starting to walk already too, but I haven't gotten any decent pictures of her taking steps.. It's hard with my phone because she's so damn fast haha.
3- She gets so comfy back there. :) I can't wear her on the front anymore because my belly's getting too big.. I just realized I'll probably never wear her on the front again! :''''( But at least she's good back there, she falls asleep when we take nice long walks. I looove babywearing. <3
4- My strawberries! I suck big time at gardening so these are a big accomplishment! Now if only I hadn't taken the big one off too early. :/ It was still sour and I had to throw it away. It sure was pretty though!!

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