Friday, June 1, 2012


I have known for a little while that bottled water was not the best for us. Not just because of the processing and everything they do, but because of the plastic and the BPA. I watched this video earlier and have decided I'm going to start collecting some glass bottles. The company I've been selling products for, Celadon Road, used to sell some awesome ones, but when I just looked at their product list, it looks like they've been removed. Hopefully they'll add them again!! I'll look for some like the ones they had..... Okay! I found some on for adults, kids and even babies!! These are AWESOME! I will be getting some when I have money. Wow. & I really need to start replacing my tupperware with glass asap. :) :) :)




& the best part is, they're all free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, polycarbonate, lead and latex. :D
Ahhh yes I finally have something to ask for at the baby shower!

Also, Tapped on Netflix- SUPER GOOD. It was on my list a little while ago & I finally got to watching it. Wow. I'm glad I bought my Brita pitcher a while back and have pretty much stopped most water bottle buying. I only buy them when I go out, or when I will have people over.
Anyway, can't wait til I have some extra cash & can get these babies. Or maybe I'll get lucky & find them cheap somewhere.... :) Never know!

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