Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Betsey!

A lot has happened in the last couple days.
My little Betsey poo turned ONE!
We spent our last few days with my grandparents and cousins from Hawaii.
My sister graduated high school. :)
Got in yet another big fight with Jorge, I think this one was big enough to really make a difference though.. :(
& finally today we noticed Betsey finally cut her top tooth she had been working so hard on!
So, let's catch up with some pictures!

Betsey & I enjoying her last day of being 11 months old. <3

Her super awesome Foofa tattoo!

LOVING every second of the Soul Detox! #shereadstruth
Betsey & Nana watching the graduation
All the kids.....

One seriously cute kid :D

SHE'S ONE!!!!!

Betsey & Daddy at her birthday party

Uncle Eloy

Chillin... :)

Again, so cute!

I went to the mall today. Spent money I don't have. That's generally why I try to avoid that place! Oh well I needed some summery maternity clothes!

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