Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Teething baby girl..

My poor baby girl is working so hard right now to get some top teeth! She will be one in four days and still only has her two bottom teeth, so these are right on schedule. They're definitely not coming in as easily as her bottom ones did though. With those, she just woke up at night crying a little and it was in the next morning.. This time, she's had a fever pretty much nonstop for 3 days. :( I've been treating it with Tylenol and Hylands's teething tablets, but the fever doesn't typically go right away, and of course it always comes creeping back. :/
I was trying to wait it out, let her teeth come in and fever go away on it's own, but this morning she had diarrhea also. So of course being the worried mom that I am, I called the pediatrician (bad move) just to get some advice and they wanted me to bring her in, ugh. We went to our appt at three, saw the doctor, got some interesting advice- juice probably caused the diarrhea and I should give her pedialyte. Hmmm, we'll see. For now I'll just keep her on the same routine we've been doing I think. She didn't have diarrhea after that one time this morning, but if it happens again I guess we'll give it a try.

Taking a cool bath as soon as soon as she woke up, after having a fever all night & a few hours before we went to bed. I didn't take her temp but I'm sure it was around 102-103! She was sooo hot.

Night time, we were worn out. We didn't even go anywhere ha, just tired from taking care of this teething baby!
The next day, breakfast- leftovers mixed with egg and veggies :) Dad's a good cook. She still had a fever but was getting used to it I think.
Putting her down for a nap before her dr's appt. :)
Oh hey, I'm 18 weeks pregnant!

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