Thursday, June 28, 2012

Favorite products

Over the past few months, many of my beauty and bath products have changed quite a bit. I'm trying to switch everything over to more healthy, chemical free ones.. I'm definitely not all the way there, but I'm on my way! :)

I love my Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap! It's my favorite soap in my shower, and right now I have quite a few right now since I was trying a bunch out, seeing which was my favorite.. But this is the winner! I've seen a lavender scent also, but I haven't tried it yet. I prefer peppermint because it has a kind of cooling feeling. :)

My favorite toothpaste at the moment. Tom's of Maine Spearmint Toothpaste
I have been thinking about using a fluoride free toothpaste.. I'm kind of in the middle of this one. I'm sure I will eventually after everything I've been reading about fluoride lately, but I have also read stories about people switching to fluoride free toothpaste and getting a bunch of cavities. I'm not really up for getting cavities! We'll see. This toothpaste looks like a good alternative I might try.. 
Tom's of Maine Beauty Bar. This is my face wash right now. 
I love the way it feels and smells. It came in a pack of two, perfect for my sink and shower. :)
It's pretty awesome!

My current deodorant- Secret Clinical Strength Ooh-La-La Lavender. I have tried sooo many deodorants, but they never work for me. I have tried a deodorant from Tom's of Maine, a crystal stick, probably every scent that Secret and Dove offers- none worked for me until this one! But unfortunately, this lovely little thing is half the size of a regular stick and twice the price. :/ I have actually been wanting to try to make my own deodorant for a while.. I have read that they work pretty well. Here's the super easy recipe that's supposed to be really great! 

 I hate to admit that I'm using shampoo and conditioner again.. I absolutely loved the 'No Poo' thing I had going!! Unfortunately, in order to get my hair clean, I had to use way more baking soda than the original recipe & my hair was starting to get really dry and wasn't soft at all. I was getting all kinds of complaints from family/Jorge about how gross it was and that it was stinky. I didn't think it was at all! If i had had any extra money, I would have gotten some essential oils to add to my mix and the problem would have been fixed I'm sure. But I didn't, and still don't have the extra money for that so I'm going to have to wait to go back to it. I definitely liked my hair better when I was using baking soda and acv though. No comparison. My hair with shampoo is too shiny, slippery and flat. I don't like it at all, but it'll have to do for now! So until I go back to my baking soda & acv combo, I'm using these:

Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo & Nature's Gate Tea Tree Shampoo
 I have two here because when I was shopping, I found the coconut milk shampoo & put it in my cart in case I didn't find anything better, then I found the tea tree shampoo and put it in the cart but forgot to take out the other one! So I accidentally bought both.. Oops! Oh well, I like both of them so it's okay.. The tea tree one is probably my favorite though. :)

Renpure Organics Body & Shine Conditioner. Seems like good stuff.. I think I'm just not that into these that much because of my anti-shampoo-and-conditioner thing. It works & smells good I guess that's all that matters right? 

Best concealer ever? I think so. Or at least it is until I find an all natural version of the same thing. My little tube of Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer is almost out since I use it so much, so I'll be looking for something new soon! Maybe this?

Revlon PhotoReady Powder is my favorite foundation so far. I don't really use much make up, so I guess I haven't tried all that many, but the ones that I put on here work well for me so I have stuck with them for a while. No need to switch it up if it was working right? I would like to find a chemical free brand of foundation though, like the concealer. The same brand I found for a (cheap) replacement concealer also makes a foundation! It's a little more expensive than I'd like, but I still have a lot left, I don't need to find anything new any time soon. I'll probably find something more in my price range when the time comes. 

Skin Deep is a very useful site to help find new make up that is free of toxins and it can also tell you how good/bad the products are that you're already using or looking to use. I have found that they don't have some pretty common brands in their database, but they do have a wide selection, so it's easy to find new stuff!

I kinda ended my little Celadon Road adventure, so I won't be hosting any parties or getting any new Celadon Road products anymore.. I only had one party, but I did get quite a bit of stuff from my kit and from that first party.. But in my kit was this awesome Belly Butter! I love it. It doesn't have any fancy girly smell, but I still like the scent. It's thick and creamy and perfect for my super dry skin. The directions say it's meant for your belly, hips and thighs. I have also been using it on my belly lately hoping it'll help prevent any new stratch marks. :)

On the VERY rare occasion that I actually put on mascera, this is what I use. Loreal Telescopic. Again, I'd like to find something better but in this case unless it is almost identical, I don't think I'll find anything I like. I am super picky about my eyelashes ha.. I have really long ones and since I never do them, they're kind of a mess when I go to put make up on, and this seems to be the only wand that will tame them. I've tried some other brands recently because they were cheaper and of course they sucked! I'll look into some alternatives later though. 

Maybe I'll do another post in a year or so and see how much these have changed, or haven't?
 Sounds fun, hopefully I'll remember!

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