Tuesday, June 5, 2012

She Reads Truth

So I'm starting a new journey today called the Soul Detox by YouVersion. It's a 5 week, daily bible lesson that I'm doing with my iphone and a journal, but you can also do it online. :) I am sooooo incredibly excited about this! I have been wanting to go back to church, but can't seem to get my butt there! I've even tried downloading the bible app on my phone & tried to get myself to read it, but I realized today that without this, or any plan, it was never going to happen. I think part of what makes this so great is that there are so many people doing the same thing and the creators of shereadstruth.com have done such an amazing job of keeping everyone connected. They are on instagram, twitter, there's a private group on facebook, and even a page on their site that has picture links to so many people's personal blogs!

So here I go, I already finished day one of 35 and even though I couldn't get myself to open the Bible app yesterday, I can hardly wait a few more hours to do tomorrow's lesson! That's pretty awesome is you ask me. I am so glad I found this today! Just going though my feed on Instagram as usual and I saw someone's journal for today and the #shereadstruth tag, and I had to check it out! & it went from there.. YAY!

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