Saturday, September 1, 2012

Amigurumi obsessed.

 So the last few days I've really become obsessed with this Amigurumi stuff! I have begun my first doll and I am pretty pleased with how it's coming out. I am definitely learning what to do/not to do on the next one!

At first I wanted to make the dress gray, but I realized it was a different type of yarn, so I eventually went with the yellow. :) But anyway, here are the legs & an arm.

Body all put together!! You may not be able to tell, but the left leg is actually shorter and wider than the right haha... Oops! Also, the dress is cute, but it didn't come out how I had hoped at all... It'll probably take a few times to get it the way I envision it.. I am alse redoing the head. I don't want it to be the perfect ball that I have already made. I gave two balls so far to Betsey, who knows how many crochet toys she'll end up with from these projects!

Things to remember for future dolls:
-keep count of stitches on legs & arms. always recount just in case.
-figure out which leg needs to be one row longer. I think it's the leg that is attached to the body (second leg).

To do:
-find a [video] tutorial for attaching the skirt. I suck at it!
-find a [video] tutorial for attaching the head. Haven't gotten to the head yet but I'm assuming it's not going to be any easier than the skirt was...

My inspiration:

 Aren't they cute? I love how simple & sweet they all are. 
I will get good at this!


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