Thursday, September 6, 2012

She's done! :D

I finished my first doll last night! 
I have already learned a ton about what to do/ not to do for my next ones.. Some are more complicated things like adding a few extra rows to the head and some are more simple & obvious like paying better attention to my stitches in the arms & legs. 
I immediately uploaded this picture to instagram once it was finished & was so surprised by how many wonderful comments I got on it! 
One girl even told me she wanted to buy a couple for her daughters!! I am so excited :)
I told her I am definitely not ready to sell them, but after making a few, I am hoping they will be good enough to be sold! 
I would be so happy if I could make some extra money off of my crocheting.
I tend to go from one hobby to the next.. Last time I wanted to do something crafty to sell, it was the bows and that didn't go very far... I think this is different though because I don't need one specific place to work on it. I can just throw my hooks and yarn in my bag and do it anywhere! 
Pray that I keep up with this and continue to get better! <3

My babies & I.

 Beverly! 31 weeks.

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