Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 29

So not too much new and exciting over here..
30 weeks now, still working and just waiting to see my little girl!
I'm pretty happy right now. Jorge and I have been doing really well lately, no fighting or even bickering much. :) We have been talking about getting married in the (not too) near future and about possible moving up north. Maybe Oregon? Who knows..
We have also been watching some of the dvd's that my Nana sent me a month or so ago called "Know Your Enemy" (Watch the videos on their youtube!) He's really into it! I'm really glad because even though I like it and am learning a lot also, I have heard much of the basic stuff from my grandparents over the years so it's not too new to me. And it's all stuff that I already believe.. unlike Jorge who is Catholic. The best part about this is that he is really paying attention to it and when we got to the parts about Catholicism, he not only listened, but had questions for me afterward. :) I am really happy he is understanding everything we've been watching and I definitely think it's going to help bring us closer if we believe in the same thing. Him having "his religion" as he has always called it has definitely put a huge barrier between us and it scared me because I knew it would definitely affect the way we want to raise our kids. 
Anyway, I'm just happy and I hope he continues to pay attention to our videos and ask questions.

Hey Beverly! 
We can't wait to see you in almost two months! :)
I am getting sooo excited. I can't wait to have a newborn again. 
At the dr for my regular NST's. I'm going in twice a week now for monitoring and an ultrasound. ♥

Hahaha, checking myself out from the back...

Casey teaching Betsey how to swim at Wendy's house!

 Yeah, so maybe I was a little jealous that she would drink from the straw when her dad held the cup..... I was still proud though!

Crocheting balls! This is the beginning of my (hopefully) new hobby (if I don't find something else to obsess with before I get better at it)-  making arigurumi animal dolls. 
These have been the most inspiring and are what I hope to make mine look similar to someday! They are so cute!

What years of collecting yarn and not finishing projects looks like. I bought like 8 or 9 of these today, so I haven't had quite this much just lying around for years, don't worry!

That's much better. Yes, I got all but 2 big skeins fit in there! :)

And the most adorable little girl ever! I have to say that as much as I can in the next two months, before I have the two most adorable little girls ever! ;) 

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