Tuesday, September 18, 2012

long update..

Well it's definitely September over here. We're still up in the 100's of course, but we're definitely thinking about fall! I have a lot to look forward to this next few months, and it's all been rushing around my mind lately.
My mom's 47th birthday was a few days ago.. We celebrated by getting food and having Jorge barbeque carne asada for dinner. :) Everyone loved it, except Betsey & I who ate quesadillas ha.. Bob came and surprisingly didn't give us much crap for our vegetarian ways. I think he finally gets that it's not just a two month phase for us.
In a few more days in Jorge's dad's birthday. I'm not sure on the exact date yet or what we'll be doing to celebrate, but I'm sure it'll be fun! 

I've been going to tons and tons of dr's appointments lately to make sure this baby is healthy and growing well. Two nst's a week, plus seeing my regular obgyn every two weeks. Yikes! I've even seen a extra doctors in the last couple weeks and all these appointments are starting to make my head spin. I can't wait to start maternity leave at the beginning of the month. I didn't work one SINGLE day last period, and I'm ready to start getting some money coming in again!
I'm still crocheting as much as possible! I'm definitely not getting as much done as I would like. It's not easy with a wild 15 month old running around & climbing all over everything all day! She's really getting crazy, this morning she made her way to sitting on my desk!! Thank God she didn't fall off or pull my computer off the shelf. :/ I'm really appreciating that baby gate now! Only thing I still need to do is install those annoying things that will keep the drawers and cabinets closed. Her favorite thing to do when I put her in her room is pull all the clothes out of her dresser. :/ The insides of her drawers are just piles of clothes that have been tossed back in 20 or more times now. Haha..

My little Cisco is on day 3 of his cast and e-collar. He got into a little fight with my mom's dog (Buddy) on her birthday, and we had to put Cisco out on the porch for a while to separate them. Soon we found blood all over some pillows my mom had on her chairs outside, and when I checked Cisco out, he was bleeding quite a bit from his right paw. I left him on the porch for a little while since the bleeding wouldn't stop, then brought him home to stay in the kennel. 3 days later he started limping again on his right leg and was really lethargic. He would follow me around and just lay there, but when I would call him to come to me he'd just look at me. It was sad! I could tell there was something wrong, so after calling a few vets, my mom & I took him in. He got x-rays and we found out he had at least two fractures. :( Luckily he now has a cast, antibiotics and pain meds and is pretty much back to normal, other than his silly hopping around! The saddest part about all of this is that my mom decided that it was best to get rid of Buddy. I felt really bad at first, but it was actually a good idea in the end. Not only does he stay home in the kennel way too long everyday, but he has been in a few fights with Cisco already; we didn't want to risk this happening to one of the babies! It worked out well though, my mom's friend who is a dog trainer ended up taking him home and told her he'd keep him at least two weeks to try to train him himself before taking him to a shelter. We think he really liked him and wanted to keep him. :) 

Today marks 33 weeks and 2 days of this pregnancy. I seriously can't believe I'm going to have another baby soon! I have been thinking about this so much the last few days. In the last week I organized all off Betsey's old clothes and divided them by size, bought a pretty much new Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat and the Ergo infant insert off of Craigslist, & totally reorganized everything in the garage and brought some things up to clean that I'll be using with the baby (swing cover/breast pump).
I took lots of pictures while I was down there of things I'd like to sell. I can't believe how much I have down there that I could get rid of. I really want to have a garage sale, but being in an apartment makes it kind of hard. I think I'll be posting a lot to craigslist in the next week and hopefully get some sales. I really have my heart set on getting the Baby Jogger City Select double stroller, but it's $659 and I just can't get anyone to agree with me that I need it. So maybe after raising some money I'll feel better about my purchase. :)
I know I can't spend too much though, with how fast these past months have gone, I'm sure Christmas will be here any day!! I'm planning to crochet most, if not all gifts this year. Hopefully that will not only make shopping easier, but I'll save $$ and use up some of this ridiculous yarn stash!

Betsey admiring her new tattoo at a pizza place the other day. :) 

The first time we played with these blocks, she absolutely HAD to knock down every tower I made. It was kind of funny to build one then try to hold her back from destroying it. The second time we built towers though, she loved it and did an amazing job helping me stack even the little blocks on top of each other at the top of the tower! I was really impressed! My mom was there and we kept cheering her on, she loved it.

My silly girl yelling, not saying, "Bye! bye! bye!" to every car they drove by and every person that walked in and out of Starbucks today. I was cracking up at first, it was seriously the cutest thing ever. After like 45 minutes of it though, I was pretty used to it and was just enjoying all the nice comments from other people about how cute my kid is. And maybe I got a little irritated at the ones that blew her off... Can't help being a protective mother sometimes!

 Betsey's grandparents day cards for my parents. She's such an artist.

Yes, I do want to get this as a tattoo one day. I want it in prettier, thinner writing and in a small space that is easy to hide. My only hope is that I do ever get it, I don't have any more kids later on!! haha..

Hanging out with (climbing all over) mommy. :)
Yikes. That was 3 hours of fun, not.
My octopus a few days ago..

As you can see not much has been done in the last few days. I have decided to put some pipe cleaners in the legs though, to make them movable! I've been collecting tons and tons of pictures of things I want to make, patterns and tutorials. I found a picture of someone crocheting a pipe cleaner into the sides of bunny ears and I thought, hey! that's a good freakin idea. & here we are now, haha.

Here is a picture of the original octopuses ..octopi, from the pattern. I wish I could find the blog I got it from but I can't find it! I had saved everything onto one note on Evernote, so I didn't keep the page. Now I know for next time.

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