Sunday, March 25, 2012

No Poo [almost] two month update

Alright, so it's been almost two months and I still haven't used any shampoo or conditioner!! :O and I definitely don't plan to either..  My hair has already gone through a few phases in this time, and I know that if I used either shampoo or conditioner even once and go back to doing this, I'll have to start all over.So in the beginning, as I mentioned before, my hair was pretty dang greasy. It stayed that was for a couple weeks and yeah it was gross, but I just left my hair up in a bun with a headband and washed (& SCRUBBED) it everyday to get rid of that grease. Once that went away, it became staticky. Really, really staticky... Like even though my hair wasn't too greasy anymore and I could wear it down, I still couldn't have it out of a bun because it would be sticking to my face and all the strands of hair would be spreading apart.

one month ago. crazy static!
So I searched this forum for a while for an answer to my static problem but nothing I tried worked. & ironically, anything oily (castor oil, coconut oil..) in my hair just makes it gross and.. OILY.  :| I guess the statickyness just went away on it's own. Or it could have to do with my scrubbing? I know i wasn't really scrubbing as much in the beginning all over my head as I am now. I was more concentrated on getting the scalp, especially on top of my head. But now I'm really getting all of my hair.

Also another update is my bottles! I stopped using the tiny bottles I was using because not only did I have to fill them up every other day, but the top let out way too much at once. Now I'm using this type of ketchup & mustard bottles that I've had for a while sitting in my mom's fridge.. MUCH BETTER!

A couple other things..
- I switched from apple cider vinegar to distilled white vinegar for a week or so and didn't see much difference.. I don't love the smell of either of them so I went back to ACV.
- I'm not really measuring anymore when I refill. I've found more baking soda [than the original recipe] is good for me, it makes my hair cleaner. (I don't mean more baking soda than water!)
-I wash my hair every other day now, it actually looks better on the second day I think :)

I rinse my hair when I get in the shower & start pouring in the mix of baking soda & water. I put a lot in ALL OVER, scrub the crap out of my hair then leave it while I wash my body.
I put very little acv in my hair. no where near the amount of baking soda! I let it sit for around 15 seconds then rinse, rinse and rinse again. otherwise I'll smell it in my hair all day. 

I don't know why, but I used to not smell it in my hair after I got out but I do now.. I'm thinking about adding something to my acv mix to make it smell yummier. Maybe vanilla, lavender, or peppermint?

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