Saturday, March 3, 2012

It can only get better..

Trying to feed a puree to Betsey yesterday....
   I had THE worst day yesterday. I woke up in a terrible mood. As soon as I woke up, I immediately began thinking about how I'm going to be totally broke soon,  and  how I'm not going to be able to pay my bills.. maybe I had a dream about it? I don't know but it pretty much set my whole day off in a negative way. Then I decide today is the day to go to the court house and finally fill out the paperwork to get some child support. So I put Betsey on the couch right next to me and I'm looking through the pile of laundry for some socks for her and in a split freakin second she's crawling off the couch face first onto the carpet. FUCK. If I've ever felt like the world's shittiest parent, it was at that moment. Of course I know not to put her on the couch, DUH.. but i was standing right there! Come on! So then I'm trying to feed her breakfast really fast so we can get out and on our way to the court. Yesterday just happened to be the day that she was absolutely DONE with purees. No more. She ate some puffs while I was getting her Puree warmed up but that was normal, she wouldn't eat any more of it. Fuck me. So we spend 20 minutes searching for some "real food" that she will eat.. I ended up giving her plums and a baby fruit bar. Very nutritional
   So I stop by my work, before getting to the court house, I had to go talk to Mike about getting me some more work.. Then I get there and talk to a lady in the family law assistance section.. She looks at my file and goes on to tell me that the custody paperwork that I filed months ago was never finished! WTF! Someone could have told me that I had a few more steps to take! Losers. So she was very patient with my million questions, told me exactly what to do, and I did everything I could to get it done. I took Betsey to Chipotle for lunch since that's the only think I could think of that she'd eat (expensive kid) and we came back to see the paralegal. He was awesome! He got my paperwork ready and now I have to go back on Monday to have it all stamped and sent out. WHAT A NIGHTMARE. This could have been done 6 months ago. FUCK.
   Once that was over we went back home to let my dog out cause he had been caged up for a few hours, and we went to see my mom before we had to go to work. Then, to add to my hectic day, as soon we we left for work we see the text that says not to come for another hour......... HAHAHA shit. So we turn around, call my mom and tell her to make me some coffee cause not only was I exhausted, but i had a crazy headache. This didn't end being such a good idea because I haven't had a cup of coffee in a couple weeks and I'm still breastfeeding so it really threw Betsey off last night. She had a rough time falling asleep. :( OOPS. At least it woke me up? But once she fell asleep she was out for the night, that was nice cause we ended up staying there til midnight!

Today is a new day.
That saying could not be any more true!
We laid in bed giggling for half an hour, then got up and I started cooking back beans, and we had organic oatmeal and pineapple. Tea for me and water for Betsey. <3  
Total turn around from yesterday!

   Now Betsey's napping in her crib, giving her mommy a break :) Oh I almost forgot to mention our awesome news! We got approved for the Giving Diapers Giving Hope!! I am SOOOO excited about this! It's for low income families to get cloth diapers. I just filled out the application and paid the $35 shipping fee and I can't wait to get them in the mail! What a blessing seriously! This is going to save me a ton of money.

Well I should probably take advantage of Betsey sleeping and jump in the shower :)

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