Sunday, March 25, 2012


So this is what I did yesterday :)
Haha yes, I have officially turned into a MOM
I am now appearing in babywearing mom groups at the park..
It was a lot of fun though! I got to meet Jillian, the owner of Paxbaby
and plenty of other awesome ladies!
And we all got to try on different wraps and carriers.
I tried on a short woven wrap and a ring sling. 
I was drooling over one lady's mei tai but it was being hoarded by someone else that also loved it so I didn't get a chance to try it on! I'm kidding, it was on the table for like half an hour, but as soon as I started asking about it, another lady grabbed it. damn!
So anyway, there we are!

 & here is the super awesome mom of 6, Jillian!  

Some pics from google of pregnant mommies wearing mei tai's in different ways. I really fell in love with the thing when I saw it yesterday. It just looks so much more awesome than the wrap, for me anyway.

 & wearing both kids at once! ha this will so be me I know it. they're awesome.

Alright I might be a little obsessed now, but look! aren't they pretty? Right now I would have to buy the insert for my ergo when the new baby comes anyway, but with this I don't need anything and it looks super comfy! Or I guess I could use my moby, or the baby bjorn. But I'm not huge on the baby bjorn anymore after learning about the hip problems associated with them. :(

I   N E E D   I T .


Okay, ONE last mei tai picture! I just love babywearing daddies. :)

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