Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Look at that adorable face! :) She's growing up too dang fast

Okay... Some big freaking news is about to come out. I was thinking about waiting to spread the joy but I'm pretty positive no one really reads this thing anyway ha, i mean it gets a few views here and there but I don't pay attention to where they're coming from since I don't get comments or followers or anything. Soooo... since I can't handle keeping this to myself anymore, I'M PREGNANT! Yep, #2 is 5 weeks along and very much a part of the family! & No, Betsey's little brother or sister was NOT planned at all! This is a major surprise. So much of a surprise in fact, that I've spent the majority of the day at Social Services getting financial help since I'm already broke from having one kid, & I know I need to get on it if I am going to be able to start getting ready for another.


I am happy though. I really am! Whenever I thought about Betsey having a sibling, I knew I wanted them to be close in age so that they would get along. Plus, they'll keep each other busy playing for hours on end when they get older. :) Also, Jorge and I don't always get along that well & I wasn't sure if we would always be together, but I always wanted my kids to have the same dad. So that makes me happy!
We had a rough night last night (Jorge and I), taking in the news.. It had us all stressed and fighting. Then of course my mom, who always wants what's best for me and Betsey, just wants me to stop giving him chances to prove himself. I would really like to come together as a family and raise these two kids together, but we have already seen how bad a team we weer with Betsey this last 9 months, and I don't know if it will work out. We fought about it last night, but when I saw him today he asked me if I'd like to move in with him and get married! That's how he is, he changes in the blink of an eye. I'm not sure putting myself and our kids in that environment is a good idea, but being a family is what I've always wanted for us. So I'm just so confused.

I'm pretty much going to LIVE in skirts and dresses this summer! It's like 105 out here, & I'll be pregnant in the worst of it. NO FUN.

CLICK THAT PICTURE & READ THEIR STORY! They make me want to have a home birth. But considering this is going to be another high risk pregnancy, probably going to be in a hospital to be safe.

WOW. what a gorgeous belly!
Wow. I LOVED being pregnant. I really did, I am really going to enjoy this! I just wish i wasn't in this financial rut. :( 
times are freakin TOUGH. But I'm going to be getting all the government help I can, plus Jorge's parents are going to be paying him more so he can help us. THANK GOD. :) 

IF ANYONE READS THIS THAT DOES KNOW ME, PLEASE DON'T POST ANYTHING ON FACEBOOK. (MY FAMILY DOESN'T KNOW YET.) I know I'm terrible for not telling my family first.. My mom knows but I haven't had time to get to my sisters and my dad is going to really push me to give it up for adoption and they are just so negative and stressful. Every time I get off the phone with one of them I am freaked out about money or something else, and this is a good time for me to stay as calm as possible. 

Jorge's family is good about being calm all the time, I think I'll have to start hanging out with them a little bit more. Must be a Mexican thing ;)

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