Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New me.

I feel like a completely different person. 
I don't even think the same way I did a few weeks ago. I'm obsessed with my book, Skinny Bitch, I'm reading labels on all my food, I'm getting into groups on Meetup that hike to explore plants and their natural healing methods, I'm gathering ideas about growing an herb garden in an old dresser drawer on my porch, I'm reading The Vaccine Book to finally find out the straightforward facts about vaccines, and I haven't ate meat in at least a week, I may be not be eating any dairy soon either. I know I can't make all these life altering decisions based off what one good book says, so I'm going to do my research, and if milk really is bad for your bones, which it looks like it is, we shall stop drinking it and get what we need from other foods.

Some books I picked up at the library!

I'm bugging the crap out of Jorge by explaining to him how terrible all the food is over and over again. Poor puy, he just wants to eat his meat everyday and drink his huge glass of milk, then give a glass of milk filled with some mexican 'enriched' chocolate powder that has who knows what in it to my kid one day. NO way jose! I am just trying to make him aware, like I am becoming by reading these books, I'm not trying to tell him to become a vegetarian like I am. Although it would be a hell of a lot easier if we did this together. But he's getting annoyed, and it's making me kind of sad. I don't think he's going to put up with this long, but it's not going to stop. And I WILL NOT allow him to give Betsey food that I don't approve of. After finding out about all the toxins in the food, how could he expect me to not freak out when he tells me he's going to take me kid out to eat that stuff when she's not with me?! Doesn't he want what's best for her?


So my kitchen is also looking a little different than it used to, thanks to my new knowledge of good food vs. bad food. I've never in my life had a fridge so packed with fruits & veggies! It makes me so happy! Also, this isn't food related, but I have been using less paper towels to save money for a little while now and I recently had the genius idea to grab the burp cloths out of Betsey's room that we're not using anymore and use those as rags in the kitchen also! Too bad I'm not putting as much effort into making money as I am into learning all this organic stuff! :/ I'd be loaded, this stuff is fun but doesn't happen over night.

Someone come take that macaroni salad! Grosssss & I can't throw away that much food......

Brussel sprouts, carrots, tofu <3

Now I can't forget to mention my Celadon Road progress! I have planned my first party already, and have a few people who have RSVP'd on the facebook event, but I'm going to start contacting people here pretty soon, people that I think will be interested in coming and maybe buying things or hosting! I have tried a few of the products and I really like them. The glass cleaner smells freakin awesome! I really want to get myself some face wash, and vegetable wash, but I haven't tried those. These are the things I got in my $99 start up kit! The baby wash is awesome too, especially since it's in a stainless steel container. Pretty cool to reuse! :)

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