Wednesday, August 8, 2012


So yesterday I came across a picture of an iphone on pinterest that had a really cool looking lock screen. I had no idea that I could customize the lock screen before, so I looked into it! I soon found out it was only available for the iPhone 4s or jailbroken iphones.. At first I was a little discouraged because I have tried jailbreaking before and it just didn't work for me, there was way too much to figure out! So I went on youtube and watched a tonnn of videos of how to jailbreak, then what I can do with my iphone afterward! (His were my favorite) Then once I thought I knew what I was doing, I jailbroke my iphone!

Here's what my littly beauty looks like now! I love it, but it may not look like this for long.. I keep downloading new 'tweaks' & changing it up almost every hour.. It's been really fun!

Lockscreen & simplified status bar.

First page.

Second page.

Still second page, swiped the weather widget. :) YES, it's freakin hot today!

Next three are all the third page...

Swiping through my Ncsettings widget...

I also have a Google Search widget up on top!

Music widget on the last page just for fun.

One of my newest tweaks: Maximization. I love the idea of using the whole screen, and I will definitely be keeping it for some apps like safari.. but I realized after playing with it that I use the status bar a lot for jumping back up to the top of the page. Especially in instagram!

Banner Disable stays on while Betsey watches The Wiggles on Youtube.

Using Multistorey to see more of my open apps.

Some of Betsey's apps..

Swiping.. Infinifolders allows me to put as many apps as I want in a folder. :)

My tweaks & apps so far:
Springtomize 2
Pandora Downloader
Banner Disable

Someone please explain to me why I didn't do this before?  I LOVE it!


  1. Thanks for all the links. I think I'm going to give this a try. Wish me luck. ;-)

    1. no problem! One thing, I went a little crazy the first day with all the tweaks and my phone started crashing once in a while and running really slow, it was driving me crazy! So I deleted the not so important ones & now I'm down to:
      springtomize 2
      banner disable
      dashboard x
      and I think it's called crash reporter

      My phone hasn't crashed in a while though so I think I'm down to just the right ones for my phone :)

  2. Did you use springtomize 2 for your lock screen?

    1. Nevermind...I figured it out. LOL I'm addicted now. hahahaha!!!!!


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