Thursday, July 19, 2012


Well our lives haven't been too exciting lately.. 
I have been getting a little more work that usual, which is really nice! My mom is able to watch Betsey as she is still searching for a new job, so I'm taking advantage of her spare time and scheduling as much as possible.
Betsey is growing and growing and growing! She's repeating new words, finding new favorite toys (right now she loves books and carrying her purse on her arm <3) and I think it's now official that she will never crawl again..
I think the only real excitement right now is my extra short countdown until I get my $$.. 13 more days! I have a rather large list that I've been working on of things I need and things I don't. I'll explain more at the bottom!




iPhone's take pretty awesome pictures.


Wook at my teef  :)

Biiiiiiig Smile!

Growing up too fast!

Rolie Polie Olie

Ahhhhhh it's going to be nice to finally see some real money in my account! Hopefully it lasts this time. This is my last check, so I'll have to make it last!
Bills & car stuff definitely will come first even though they're not first on the list. I just haven't been updating them like I have with the 'general' part of the list.. haha can you tell I am a list person?

So I am having a slight battle with myself right now about the ipad 2.. At first I was super excited about it! I was way excited about all the apps for the babies and I to both use, watching movies and of course the portability! But I have been realizing over the last week that my macbook is starting to have the same airport issues it lad before again..... AND it gets pretty hot on the bottom when I use it. I don't remember it always being this way. I think it's time to replace it. I have had it a good 3 years, not that long for a computer, but with all the upgrades in macs I think it'll be nice to get a new computer finally! I thought about getting another laptop, but I have decided it's time for a desktop. The refurbished 21.5 in imac's go for $1076 on! Not too bad for a mac! :) BUT, my heart it still set on having an ipad!! :( I thought a little about just getting an ipad, but this isn't possible. It might work if ipad's had been made with a usb drive by now, but they haven't...... ugh.
So here I am...  stuck in a war  of apple products. I will have the money for both, but I know it would be smarter to save it.. We'll see. If I can find an amazing deal, I might just have to get both! :)
Also I forgot to mention I'd obviously be selling my macbook, so there's $300-$400 I can take from the price of one of these! Hmmm...

Grace Smart Seat- gonna be the new seat!

Oh Matt Bomer, why must you love men?

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