Saturday, August 18, 2012

29 weeks!

Hello. :)
Thought it was a good time to update again.. 
I'm 29 weeks pregnant now, looking and feeling great other than some back pain here and there. I honestly can't believe we are going to have another baby in 11 weeks. What a scary thought.. I haven't even started to prepare. Luckily I already have pretty much everything we will need for Beverly, other than some newborn diapers and maybe some extra pants. Since Betsey was born in June she basically lived in onesies and blankets for the first few months. I have gotten a set of adorable long sleeved onesies for Beverly at TJ Maxx recently though.. :) They're the only thing she has so far that weren't Betsey's. I can't wait to see her in them.
Betsey's 14 months old now. Walking, talking, getting into things, same as before ha....
She can now say: hi, bye, mama, daddy, doggy, boob or boooo, & "awyah" what she puts a phone to her head and copy lots of words and noises. Jorge likes to make her say "aye aye ayyeee!"
She loves to wave and close the door behind people. Drawers cannot be seen by her without being opened and emptied, then occasionally she likes to close a finger or whole arm inside while trying to close it. Sigh.. Temper tantrums are also beginning. She loves to drop to the floor crying, but soon after realizing that it's not going to help her get what she wants, she stops and goes on her way, or gets up to bite me. :/ Which hurts because she now has eight teeth. Two on the bottom and six on top! The last two just came in last week. She was a trooper, I didn't even know they had come in until at least a few days later. :)
I finally got my settlement money a week or so ago. Yes, I have been spending, spending, spending... But (mostly) on bills and other things I needed. I finally got my car back today after it being worked on for the last 4 days, and it felt great! But I did get my new desk and imac recently! I am still debating the ipad.. Jorge is laying on the couch next to me using the macbook.. He has been on it nonstop since I got my new computer. If I got the ipad, I would definitely sell the laptop. I don't know, it's still up in the air. I also got Jorge and I some new glasses! That was definitely more pricey than I had expected.. I probably should have gone to Coscto instead of Lenscrafters, but whatever we both got nice glasses and Jorge can finally see! I still have a few big things I need to get, like my auto insurance that's due in a few weeks, and of course saving as much as I can for rent every month. But other than that, I would say I have been good about not spending all my money right away this time, and I'm going to try to make it last as long as possible!

 a week or so ago..

so many teeth!

poking herself with a flower.. :)

hahaha.. learning new expressions from mommy

getting spoiled by daddy!



29 week belly.

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