Monday, July 9, 2012

23 weeks pregnant

  23 weeks!!
I'm feeling so good right now, physically. 
I truly love being pregnant. It's the only time I really feel beautiful walking around in just a dress.
I help a newborn the other day though.. I'm starting to get a little antsy waiting for Beverly to get here! 
I am trying to enjoy every second of Betsey's only-childhood while I can until then.
She's such a one year old, she loves to walk around and get into everything, yet she wants to be cuddled nonstop THE second she decides it's time to cuddle. I love it, it's not going to last forever. 


 She is so beautiful.

Swimming with Grandma. My phone really sucks at zooming, I'll have to remember to bring the camera next time! 

Simplicity at it's finest. I must never buy this child a toy again. I am planning on buying us an ipad, but that is kind of a family toy.. kid's toys are such a waste of space and money I've come to realize. 

The family.

 After spending all day on pinterest drooling over gorgeous homes, I was finally motivated to clean and rearrange my apartment!

 My kid being cute.

 I must get back to doing #shereadstruth everyday. I'm soooo behind :( 
I need it. I think I'll take my dog on a walk and sit down with my bible.

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