Sunday, April 22, 2012

"spring cleaning/nesting thing"

I have been cleaning nonstop since I started the other night and it has been AWESOME! I did the kitchen in two hours immediately after I wrote my other post about simplifying. The next day I did Betsey's room and my room, and yesterday my mom came over to help me do finish my room and the garage. I totally forgot to take before pictures of everything except the kitchen ha.. I guess I was just too excited to get everything done and clean!! So here are some afters.

 before pics are the two on top, after are on bottom. :)

   Betsey's room

My room, using one of my apps on my phone to stitch frames together. it's pretty good actually! I got pretty much my whole room in one picture. (I'm the worst at making my bed btw ha)
this is about half the stuff we ended up taking to the garage! I'm so happy to have it out of here!!

So anyway, that's basically it for now. I completely rearranged all rooms that I have already cleaned, which is one reason I haven't started the living room yet.. I don't know what I would really do with it. It's pretty much in the best arrangement possible so I guess I can just take a few extra things out, but that wouldn't be much fun so I am kind of putting it off haha.. 

Also, I thought this was pretty funny yesterday. When my mom first walked in my place, she asked me if I'm having fun with my little "spring cleaning/nesting thing". hahahaha I hadn't even thought about it being nesting until she said that. I just had bumped into some simplifying-your-life sites online that I really liked and knew it was time to finally start working on it. Some sites I'm loving right now- 1, 23 

So I wanted to mention some of the things I was really happy to get out of here :)
- shampoo/conditioner/soap that i'm no longer using. I gave to my mom & sisters.
- Betsey's clothes that are too small. saving for #2 if it's a girl!
- the obnoxious crockpot that was taking up so much space in the cupboard and i never, ever used!
- blankets. I have 5000 of them!
-half the clothes in my closet. I really only wear 1/3 of the stuff in there, but since my tummy will be growing and summer is coming, I decided to leave some extra stuff I know i'll be using again soon.. I'll be taking a ton of clothes to the consignment store soon, hopefully this week. ($$$$) :)

Some goals
-find myself a nice, CHEAP roll top desk for my room.
-go through all Betsey's toys and keep maybe 1/4 of them. her toy stash is getting a bit ridiculous. 
-clean out hall closets.

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