Thursday, May 22, 2014

Coop in the Making

So here is our coop so far! We were given about twenty roosters from a friend at a nearby farm and Jorge has plans to fatten them up and eat each one. The ex-vegetarian in me is horrified by this, but the meat-eating me is choosing to see this as a blessing! We are going to save so much money by raising these ourselves. 

The coop is nowhere near complete, it doesn't even have a door right now! I'm having to throw their food through the chicken wire haha. I was seriously impressed that Jorge and his friend did all of this last night! I've saved some pictures on a pinterest board for my coop dreams and showed them to Jorge. I can't wait until it's finished.
We also have eight other chickens running around the property. Jorge has plans to make a separate coop just for them to lay eggs. :) Out of those, there are eight hens, three of which lay blue/green eggs! The girls are going to trip when they see them. 

Here are some of my pinterest coop dreams!

Litter or milk containers as nesting boxes. Genius!

I can't wait to have eggs like this every morning! 

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