Monday, October 12, 2015

Today I'm thankful for ______________.

"Focus on His promises" is something I've heard a lot and never fully understood. I figured that probably referred to hundreds of promises that deserved a lot of study time and attention and I'd get to them eventually..
Another quote I never understood was "God revealed something to me". 😏 To be honest, that second was more annoying than anything because I just didn't see how it was possible to know a message came from God. It still makes little sense in my head but isn't that the best part about how He works? Anyway so yesterday (for the second time this week) a thought popped into my head that I hadn't worked up to. Normally my thoughts bounce off each other and grow into deeper thoughts and I can remember the pattern of thought that lead to where I was, but not these times. God's been dropping some of the craziest things into my head that I know couldn't have come from me! 
Yesterday it was about everything that He hasn't promised me. 
He didn't promise that I'd have an easy life. He didn't promise that I'll always be happy. He didn't promise that I'll be successful. He didn't promise me that I'll get to travel the world..
He also didn't promise me running water. He didn't promise me a home with a heater and a/c. I wasn't promised a fridge full of food or a closet full of clothes or a job (or 3) or a shelf of bibles or a light to turn on when my kids have nightmares. 
However, He did promise heaven to all of His followers & I'm counting on the fact that heaven is going to be far more amazing than anything I'll never get to see here on earth!! & I'm okay with that! 😊
These things don't just happen in my head because I am and have always been a pretty selfish person.. 😁😞 But gratitude has been coming from Him in buckets lately and I'm loving it! 💕 take a second to say thank you to our Sweet Creator today for all the little things.

Today I'm thankful for ______________.

-a husband that works hard for us.
-healthy kids
-my glasses
-sweet friends
-soft yarn
-air conditioning

Erin <3

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