Sunday, October 11, 2015

- October 12-19 goals -

Hello & happy Sunday!
The girls and I are enjoying a quiet day in so I'm taking advantage of this beautiful day off to write up this week's goals!

- October 12-19 goals -
-make & send current orders
-stock the shop
-finish Fervent
-buy snacks for the day care
-run 10 miles (I can't believe I still haven't hit 10 mi in 1 week. Time to change that!)
-drink Greens before coffee every morning!
-get the girls' halloween costumes ready
-read Awana book and memorize the long version of the verse with the girls.
& most importantly,
-journal & pray everyday!

Doable goals for sure. Now to stay focused on the list and not on my pinterest or instagram feeds...

Any suggestions on staying focused on goals and overcoming distractions?


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