Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My own happiness project.

Hey everyone! Since my last post, I've really been trying to narrow down my list of daily chores and feel happier.

I started reading The Happiness Project a week ago and although I haven't started my one year challenge yet, I have noticed a big difference in my attitude toward life, chores, and being happy!
One of my favorite parts of the book so far (I've only gotten about half way through), is where Gretchen Rubin talks about making a list of what she really likes vs. things she wants to like. This hit me really hard! My husband and I are so different. Like we barely have anything in common. So when I made this list, I realized that most of the 'want to like' side were things that he likes. Of course it's not a bad thing to try to do some of the things that he enjoys if it makes him happy and brings us closer together, but the problem was that I was so stressed trying to do all of the things that he likes on top of the what makes me happy. And I believe that it's been pushing us apart.

Here's part of my list.

What I want to like:
-wearing make up
-world news
-going to/hosting big parties
-speaking spanish
-drinking alcohol
-growing a garden
-raising chickens
-having a horse

What I actually like:
-crocheting & knitting
-going to church
-minimalist design
-eating organic (myself and my kids)
-making lists

I am still working on a few things from the top list because I know (from reading The Happiness Project) that you won't always feel happy doing something that will bring you long term happiness. Some of these include cooking, growing a garden and exercising. I know that if I took the time to cook more often, I would be happy later because Jorge will be happy and my kids will be eating a healthier meal. Growing a garden would bring long term happiness because I will be proud of my hard work and we will be able to save money on veggies. And obviously exercising will make me happier in the long term in many ways. So why don't I take more time for them? That's a good question! I'm still working on putting together my personal happiness project that will last one year. Cooking and exercising will definitely be included somewhere while a few others will be cut out. I can't wait! I'll do my best to keep up with my progress on here.

<3 Erin

I did some organizing immediately after reading the part of The Happiness Project where she decluttered her home and organized some of her kids' toys. I knew my bathroom needed some help so I went straight there and I'm happy with the results!

Drinking coffee while keeping up with a bible plan is my idea of a perfect morning. Right now I'm juggling a few different plans: The One Year Bible, Soul Detox, and Habit of Happiness.

Currently reading! & I highly recommend this book. :)

Some crafting I did recently.

Trying to turn my love of crochet into a source of income. So far I haven't had a sale. But I'm keeping my chin up! I have over 500 favorites on my Etsy shop, so I'm sure a sale will come soon. 

One of my favorite recent purchases. Organic lip balm from this Etsy shop

Surrounding myself with bible verses have been a helpful reminder of how to live my life and grow closer to God. I don't always remember them during the day, but seeing them over and over helps big time. 

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