Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Introducing my Etsy shop, Together In Love

Hey everyone! All I can say is THANK YOU!
This blog has reached 38,000 page views! You guys.. this is just incredible. <3

I have been struggling with figuring out where to fit everything into my life. A few months omg, a year ago (how did that go by so fast?) I wrote about my priorities and finding balance. Since then I really haven't spent any time on this blog, even though I have been wanting to come back and give you guys the time you deserve! I want you guys to know that I appreciate every single one of the repins and views and feel so, so blessed. I really hope you guys enjoy the next phase of my blog!

Over the last year I've tried my hands at different things, but the one thing that has stuck has been crocheting. My mom taught me how to knit while I was in middle school, but it didn't become a major hobby until I had kids! I wanted to knit the whole world for my baby! Well as it turns out, I'm not a very good knitter so I taught myself how to crochet. Since then I've made a little of everything, selling my things on Etsy, at the local farmer's market and baby shops. I'm having the best time! I get to pay a few bills by doing something I'd be doing anyway, and I get to do it at home with my kids! How can it get any better?

My most popular item by far has been the Custom Stuffed Animal Hammock

The first hammock I made was for our own bedroom. It was January of 2014 and we were living with my in laws. We had four people's things stuffed into one small room and I was getting pretty crafty with my organization capabilities but there was still too much. Keep in mind we had two babies under two at the time.. We knew we needed clothes, diapers, creams, blankets and other misc baby items within reaching distance 99% of the time so that left us dealing with all of the toys and they. were. everywhere. 
I remembered something my mom used when I was very young. It was some type of net made for the trunk of our car and she repurposed it to hang our stuffed animals from the top corner of our bedroom. Genius! I whipped up a big triangle net and that was the beginning!

The first hammock I made.
It's no longer bring used but I'll probably keep it forever. ;)

So that's it! I had already had an Etsy shop set up, but I finally started using it in September of 2014. It was the best decision I've made in a long time. Since then I've been staying busy with church, my caregiving job and raising my girls who are now 2 and 4! If you like the stuffed animal hammock please or have any questions/suggestions please let me know! And if you don't mind, take a second to answer the survey I have on the right side of the page. I'm super excited about growing my business and learning about target markets and branding has been unexpectedly fun! Thank you.


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